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For anyone with an interest, I originally used a Canon AE1 with a Tamron zoom telephoto lens. The lens was fine but its high minimum f-stop made taking pictures in dimly-lit concert halls almost impossible.  I used Ilford HP5 film which I uprated as much as I was able to. It might explain the golf ball-sized grain on some of my earlier images.

Once Ilford XP1 film came along, I switched to it immediately. It was a top film as it coped brilliantly with upgrading to 1600ASA. Most of my pictures were shot on it.

Camera-wise, I upgraded to a Canon A1 and finally to a Canon T90. I'm now of course fully digital and use a Canon EOS 6D.

I realised that I had to have more specialist lenses for rock photography and bought  Vivitar Series 1 200mm and 135mm prime lenses. They were fantastic lenses and I'm happy to use them on my Canon 6D.

The vast majority of the images on the site have not been previously published. Some appeared in Bristol's Venue magazine and some in the New Musical Express.

Paul Norris
September 2015

8 photos by Paul Norris that include BB King, Hanoi Rocks, The Pretenders, Elvis Costello, The Clash, Hugh Masekela and The Blue Aeroplanes

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